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Drug related sites.
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Education & Information In a world where politicians think that 'just saying no' is enough to quench the thirst for human knowledge, we have attempted to provide links to drug use and abuse related sites. Some of these are just plain fun, others provide extremely useful information for potential users and abusers...
Drugs War & Peace
Acid & Shrooms

Education and Information

All aspects of every drug are covered in the collections of usenet flotsam & jetsam on the big Drugs Archives. Intrepid explorers can expect poor presentation at the Paranoia Drugs Archive, while the Hyperreal Drugs Archive is slightly better, with descriptions of the folders and files and quotes from visionaries.

The Sputnik Drug Information Zone
Drugs, Solvents and Intoxicants
A good straight-forward medium-sized guide to the effects of various popular drugs, produced with the assistance of a Leicester Drug Agency. There is a graphical version but it isn't as easy to browse.

UKCIA Medical Cannabis Information
Crew 2000 Drugs Information
Street-level medium-sized drugs guide, from the Edinburgh based group that distribute harm-reduction information to clubbers. Not perfect.

The Drug Reform Co-ordination Network (DRCNet)have teams of volunteers scanning government and academic reports, to include on the huge, but searchable
DRCNet Drug Library
UK Green Pages
Has the details of UK drug advice, information and campaign groups.
Don't believe us that these are the best drugs links in the world? Have a look at these lists of drugs links, and see if you can find any better ones.
Paranoia drugs links
Yahoo drugs links

Fitz Hugh Ludlow Hypertext Library
Ludlow (1836-1870) was an American psychedelic pioneer, taking monumental doses of a cannabis extract on a regular basis during his college years, then writing about his experiences in the book The Hasheesh Eater. This quite well done site contains the writings of Ludlow and other pre-1937 drug literature, including DeQuincey, Baudelaire and Crowley.
Pocket Guide to Recreational Drugs
Tiny guide to various popular drugs with no graphics.

Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words
tales from the drug side
A FAQ about chemistry?

This is another Chemical site

PiHKAL - The Chemical Story
The second half of the Shulgin's massive book is the detailed guide to mind-altering designer chemicals.

Psychedelic Abstracts
A great searchable database

Drugs War and Peace
Legalise Cannabis Campaign Scotland Online
Campaigning electronically to point out the injustices of the war on drugs, and working towards peace in Scotland.
National Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws
Since 1972 NORML have been campaigning for law reform in the US and around the world. There's a particularly good group in New Zealand

Families Against Mandatory Minimums
The War on Drugs has produced thousands of terrible injustices: the real drug dealers turn informant in return for reduced sentences, while ordinary people with little or no connection to the bust, refuse to grass off anyone, take their case to a jury trial, lose and recieve huge sentences. FAMM, set up by the families of the victims, have 30000 members in their support and campaign network.

Cliff Schaffer
Carl Olsen
Are two long-time US cannabis activists who have made masses of anti-war information available on the net.
There are two good lists of anti war groups worldwide.
The Liberty Activists List
The Law Reformers List

Drug-Watch International
Are the rabid probitionists who supply pro-war material to politicians, the police etc. They claim that medical cannabis is a hoax, and that cannabis leads to hard drugs. Contact them and give 'em hell!
UK Customs & Excise
Are in the frontline of the war on drugs in Britain.
Can you help the customs fight drug smuggling?

US Drug Enforcement Agency

In the frontline of the war on drugs, these guys are very pro-war, after all their jobs depend on it.

Cannabis Links

So you want some seeds? Well check out the world famous suppliers of some of the finest breeds,
The Sensei Seed Bank.
Cool pictures of all the varities, and they will send seeds to European countries, but the site's not too hot.

Or you can try
The Kawumm Head Shop
An excellent German culture and paraphenalia shop that will deliver seeds to all EEC countries.
Top attitude and philsophy on this well-designed page.
The bible of stoner America has one of the best cannabis web sites. Great design, great articles.
Shareware 3D Revolving Hemp Leaf Screensaver HEMP BC - Virtual Store & Zine
Vancouver's premier cannabis culture and paraphenalia shop, are also Canada's foremost hemp activists, and they publish Cannabis Canada, the magazine. They were busted in February, so they haven't had time for many updates this year, but their website is still ahead of the field. Toronto's Friendly Stranger is catching up fast though.
A Cannabis Slideshow
10 Reasons why 'Scooby Doo' Was a Drug-Influenced Cartoon
Psst... wanna know how to make bongs, spliffs, vapourisers, or brownies? Wanna extract or isomerise THC? Both Hyperreal and Paranoia will tell you how. Silver Palm Leaf
Check out the coolest smoking device to hit the planet. A couple of brilliant pages show you inside and outside the famous credit card pipe.
Amsterdam Dope Diary
A British artist's photographic exhibition with a cannabis theme. It hopes to get you virtually stoned with a surreal record of a holiday in every hempsters favourite city.
Don't believe us that these are the best cannabis links in the world? Have a look at these lists and see if you can find anything better.
Marijuana Land
The Marijuana/Hemp Information Page
Woodpecker's Hemp Nest
Also has hemp leaf mouse pads for sale.
The House of Hemp
Britain's premier hemp clothes producers now have a virtual shop.

The Cheech & Chong Home Page

Ecstasy Links

ecstasy.org - Nicolas Saunders
Essential reading from the world's top ecstasy expert and author. All his book, all his articles, plus E analysis, and the latest research news. Site design isn't too hot.
E is for Ecstasy

Ecstacy Zone - Magazine
Hyperreal ecstasy archive
Masses of ascii files about all aspects of ecstasy and its use.

Trippy Stuff

Timothy Leary's Home
Take a trip through the house of the late cyber-consciousness guru. With a clever navigation system through the rooms, and lots of hidden features on the walls.
Disembodied Eye's

The only television you can trust.
The Psychedelic Screen Saver Collection
Recommended. Dr Stuey currently has one of these on his PC.
The Magic Mushroom Growers Guide

Hyperreal's Mushroom Growers archive
Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms
Sputnik's Mushroom archive

Sputnik's Mushroom Identification
Psychedelic Somethings... Paranoia's Cactii archive I don't know really - just try it


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