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Flavour of the Week...
Last Updated: Tuesday, August 20, 1996 14:13:23

Website of the Week

Digital Underground

This very well designed Jungle and Graffitti Art web site has all the latest news from the walls of London, and maps of how to get there. Hundreds of great photos of panels, walls and trains, with separate photos of the character details. Plus the best list of global graffitti art web sites, and the free Simon Sutherland campaign.
The all new Dr. Stuey Web Awards have made that trans-evolutionary step from imagination to reality. These sites are run by people who have the right attitude to life! Tell Dr Stuey about any contender's for the title. Look out for the Dr Stuey Web Award logo in a few week's time!
Last Week's Website

Geek Girl

Issue six of 'the world's first cyberfeminist zine' has pulsating graphics, loads of interesting articles from around the globe, and great design.

Suggested by Kristina Glitters.

Previous flavours of weeks gone Bye!
Quite often a choice for flavour of the week is unslottable - this is why they are here!

Legalise Cannabis Campaign Scotland Online
Campaigning electronically to point out the injustices of the war on drugs, and working towards peace in Scotland.
This is the site for the Scottish based Magazine and Record Label CLUBSCENE. Scottish charts, News, New Releases and some nifty graphics!
Children of Kaos
This is a refreshingly well laid out site and I just dig the graphics in the entrance foyer!
Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
We've all got to watch out for these assholes who want to make the Net into a Multi Level Marketing heaven. The Blacklist of Internet Advertisers helps to put the pressure on...
The Old Hippie's Groovy Site Who's Where on the Net!
Interesting little serach engine that we found the other day. Find out information about your self that you never knew!!
The Weird Times The Void Mental Stratospherics of the Double-Dipped kind! NUMB This is a new club that started in Edinburgh, 6th May 1996.
The Dance Music Resource Pages Modified the digital hijack Our own resident Hacker pointed this one out. Go on... Get Hijacked!


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