October 1998: WARNING!! THIS IS AN HISTORIC SITE! thePulse, iN2SouND and all you see in this Domain were an early creation in the history of the web. We have not touched it for over a year. Many pages have not been touched since 1995. We will probably leave these pages as they are for ever.. or at least until we have enough time to do something about them..

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Hey... If you're going to complain about not getting the MEGADOG page updated, at least LEAVE YOUR CORRECT E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!.

We will then reply saying something about not being so bloody uptight about life. There are other things happening out there you know.

There's nothing worse than some idiot writing in saying "Megadog are doing a gig in October and you haven't updated the web page yet - Hurry Up!" - Piss Off! :) If you know what's happening already, why waste our time?

If you want some news... Read a newspaper. Lotsa things are happening out there - it´s what you´re doing that´s really important! Tell us

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