October 1998: WARNING!! THIS IS AN HISTORIC SITE! thePulse, iN2SouND and all you see in this Domain were an early creation in the history of the web. We have not touched it for over a year. Many pages have not been touched since 1995. We will probably leave these pages as they are for ever.. or at least until we have enough time to do something about them..

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Fed up with lists of links that say nothing about the web sites? Fed up with lists that include any old crap? So are iN2SouND - we only want to promote the very best web sites. We're looking for sites with the right attitude, for sites with good design, content and logic. For sites that say something about this post-millenium culture that's emerging. Tell Dr Stuey about your favourites.

Over the next month Dr Stuey will be exploring and reviewing the Underground and DIY culture. You can uncover free parties and festivals, drug education and law reform, free music, direct action protest politics, and cross-genre collaborations. Discover how the web can be used in creative ways to change the world. Expect to see samples of the work of visionary pre-millenium figures. For now, all the old links are still here, but watch out for the NEW! flags ...

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