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Donations Graphic

With your help we can achieve changes in the law in Scotland. But there’s lots to be done. We urgently need donations of time, skills, materials and money.
We want to build up a collection of campaigning materials which can be loaned out to regional groups or people organising events. We want professional looking leaflets, posters, flyers, merchandise, exhibits, placards, costumes etc.
None of us are designers or artists, so we need help from people that are. None of have any experience of printing and production so we want to hand over to people that do. You can make something from the campaign too. And we’re interested in sponsorship deals and collaborations with the hemp industry and club scene.


Art and Design

We want our graphic designs and logos to be the coolest around. We need designs for leaflets, posters, stickers, stationary, T-shirts, etc. Think thistles, Saltires, maps, hemp leaves, and see what you can come up with. If we choose to use your design, you’ll get free copies of everything we make from it. Come on you budding artists.

Is there anyone out there that can help in the production of these items too? We're looking for people who already produce stuff semi-professionally. Hemp products and cannabis paraphenalia sell - you could make some money too. We have the distribution network, you supply the product, we work out a deal, yeah?

Desktop publishing

We could do with some help with writing, editing, desiging and printing our newsletter too. Serious offers only! Anyone can write for it, or submit small ads.


We also need help designing and producing exhibits on various themes such as Prisoners of War, medical cannabis and environmental benefits of hemp. These will be set up at all the events we attend such as film showings, clubs, festivals etc. They may have a permanent home in the LCC touring caravan. Eventually we want to organise full-scale exhibitions. Anyone with experience?


Can you supply materials free of charge or at a special low price? We're thinking of stationary, poles, cloth, paint, brushes, stamps, hemp products, etc etc. You could get a namecheck on our role of honour for it.


We really want to collaborate with the Scottish club scene. We're currently organising a couple of cool benefit club nights in Edinburgh. Anyone involved in the club scene out there that can help? If you produce flyers or posters for a club, you could include a message of support for us, and our address and URL. You could even produce a cool flyer or poster for us, and include a “sponsored by ...........” message on it. We're also looking for bands to play benefit gigs.


We want to collaborate with the hemp industry for our mutual benefit. We're interested in any ideas you might have - advertising, sponsorship, collaborations, free review copies etc. We can do you a web site!!!


Please send a donation, no matter how large, to LCC Scotland, PO Box 12758, Edinburgh, EH8 9YP. Makes cheques/PO’s payable to LCC Scotland. Or pay some money into our account: Bank of Scotland (Edinburgh Newington), Sort. Code 80-02-83, Account No. 00325347

General Campaigning

We always need help leafleting, especially in clubs, pubs and colleges. And help with flyposting. We always need help collecting donations.

Regional Groups

Why not become a regional contact. We’ll supply leaflets, stickers, collecting cans, placards etc, and you can get on the street in your town.

Video shows

Why not organise a showing of The Hemp Revolution video. For a small deposit we'll supply the video, leaflets etc, and you and your friends get to see the film.


Letter-writing event

Get your friends together, supply refreshments and all write letters to MP’s, newspapers or prisoners of war.

Tell us the news

We want to let everyone know what's going down across Scotland. Send us any cannabis news stories you spot in your local paper. (remember to write the name of the paper and the date on the clipping!)


We also need help with making and designing placards and costumes for street protest theatre. We’re thinking of cannabis leaf shaped boards with slogans on them. So we need paint, boards, poles, cloth, etc

Hemp-Info Booth

We’re looking for a van or caravan which we could use for educational tours and festivals. Any offers? Once we've got one, we'll need help refitting it, painting it etc. Then we'll need help preparing exhibits to go ingside it. Phew! Still, it'll be fun to get to be creative.


We want to build up a directory of the Scottish hemp scene. Please send us details and reviews of the Scottish hemp industry - clothes shops, head shops, grow-companies etc. We will also review cannabis related cultural artifacts - send us review copies.

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