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Write to your MP about cannabis

One of reasons that politicians give for not legalising cannabis, is that few people in the country want that, because no-one writes to them asking for it. This is unfortunately true, almost no-one writes to their MP saying their vote depends on it. If everyone that smoked cannabis in the UK did, then change would come quickly.
If you are cynical or dissolutioned about politics, and your chances of changing anything, we don't blame you. We feel the same. But every letter will return the issue to the MP's mind, even if its only for a few minutes. And as letters continue to arrive, more and more MP's will realise that they will lose votes if they don't legalise cannabis.
If you're paranoid that your MP will pass your address on to the police, don't be. They wouldn't dare, they'd know that they'd lose votes and create a scandal. If you're truely paranoid you could sign it "a concerned citizen", but an anonymous letter doesn't carry nearly as much weight as a named one. Perhaps you could write from your grannies address or something.


Writing a letter or email to an MP only takes a few minutes. It doesn't have to be well written, all it has to do is politely say that your vote depends on this issue.

What you tell them depends on what your point of view is, but you could mention some of the following points:

drugs are a social and health problem into which the law should play no part, in fact making drugs illegal increases the problems associated with them.

decriminalising cannabis would save time and money for the overstretched police, backlogged courts and overcrowed prisons.

legalising cannabis would gain money for the government, and this new revenue could be spent on many worthy causes.

cannabis use is a victimless crime - no one is harmed by it

cannabis is safe - every major governmental study or working group has shown this. And all these studies have recommended a change in the law in some form.

How do I know who my MP is?

Your local library can tell you who your MP is, or you could phone the House of Commons Info line on 0171 219 3000.

Email an MP.

You can email your MP from the safety of your desk right now. Sadly only 5 Scottish MP's have email so far (please let us know if you hear of other MP's with email, or if these addresses no longer work):

Malcolm Bruce (Lib-Dem, Gordon)
Menzies Campbell (Lib-Dem, North East Fife)
Nigel Griffiths (Labour, Edinburgh South)
Archy Kirkwood (Lib-Dem, Roxburgh and Berwickshire)
Bob MacLennan (Lib-Dem, Caithness)

If none of these is your MP, then we suggest you email Tony Blair or Paddy Ashdown and tell them what you think of their parties policies on cannabis.

Write to your MP

Writing a letter only takes a few minutes of your time and only costs 20p. The address to write to is:
Rt. Hon. your MP's name MP,
The House Of Commons,
London, SW1A 1AA.

Lobby your MP

Several cannabis campaign groups are trying to organise a monthly lobby of MP's at the Houses of Parliment in London on the third Wednesday of every month. It's hoped that the monthly protest will grow and continue until the law is changed. But the idea needs publicity and big names badly.

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