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Prisoners of War Graphic

The War on Drugs is a war on drug users!
A war on people who use & enjoy cannabis, instead of dangerous legal drugs. Cannabis has never killed anyone, yet 80% of drugs convictions are for cannabis. 1000 people a year are imprisoned for cannabis offences.
The hardline anti-drugs attitude adopted by politicians and newspapers recently, didn't have an effect on rates of drug usage, but it did have an effect on judges sentencing policy. Remember the average age of judges is 59. In the last year ordinary drug users have had huge prison sentences imposed. These people are no threat to society, and prosecuting and imprisoning them is a waste of public money, which could be spent on much-needed drug treatment and education schemes. Worst of all, people who use cannabis as a medicine have been imprisoned. It is inhumane to put people trying to relieve their suffering through the stress of the criminal justice system.
When Graeme Steel, the LCC Scotland's co-ordinator was jailed last year, we decided to ask ordinary drug users to send him messages of support. In prison Graeme made friends with other hemp farmers, and we asked our members to write to them too. We published stuff they'd written. Now we want to encourage people to write to all the prisoners of war. And we want their voices to be heard. Has someone you know become a prisoner of war? Fill in the prisoner registration form.

US net campaigners have started publicising POWs cases too. DRCNet have a Prisoners of War section, while the Families Against Mandatory Minimums have a horrifying tour through some of the cases on their books POW Mick Marlow has been refused leave to appeal and will thus no longer receive legal aid. A legal support fund has been set up. Please send donations to Tricamerl Support Fund, c/o SQUALL, PO Box 8959, London N19 5HW. POW Rosalind Henderson, whose imprisonment caused a storm of protest last year, was released at the beginning of August after serving half of an 18-month sentence for growing cannabis. Also recently released were James Brown and Brian McSherry, both from Ayrshire.

Please send messages of support to these Prisoners of War. It could easily be you facing the nightmare of months in prison, and the loss of your job. Choose a POW with similar interests to your own, or from your area. Prisoners mail is not read by the authorities, but it is opened to check for money, stamps, drugs etc. Try sending a stamped addressed envelope if you want a reply.
Robert Devine

45, from Port Glasgow

He is serving 18 months for possession of 2 oz of resin, and supply.

H.M. Prison Friarton, Perth PH2 8DW
Michael Marlow

(aka Maria Warner), 52

He is serving a year for incitement to grow cannabis. He wrote the growers guide Tricameral Sinsemilla and didn’t include a disclaimer. It will be republished in Amsterdam in June. Mick has been refused legal aid to appeal. A fighting fund has been organised. Please send donations to Tricamerl Support Fund, c/o SQUALL, PO Box 8959, London N19 5HW. Mick is active in the prison debating society.

#MK2057, HM Prison Blakehurst, Hewell Lane, Redditch, Worchestershire B97 6QS
Tracey McNeil

22, from Dumfries

She is serving 2 years for supply of resin to 4 others, and concern to supply resin. Her only profit from dealing was cannabis for her own use, but she failed her appeal. She had a job prior to being sentenced. She's interested in keep fit, sociology, dancing, horses, and reading and writing!!!

#25721, Unit 713, H.M. Corton Vale (Papa), Stirling, FK9 5NY
Tim Evans


is severely and permenantly disabled, in a wheelchair and awaiting a hip operation. He uses cannabis medicinally to control his severe pain, and was caught with a greenhouse full of cannabis. He is kept in solitary confinement, surrounded by category A criminals in the prison's hospital wing.

# TH0240, H.M. Prison Walton, Liverpool, L9 3DF








Graeme Steel
Jim Murdoch
Martin Dowell
Rosalind Henderson
Brian McSherry

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