This summer we have been very busy dogs. After a seriously heaving tent (which felt dangerously full for most of the evening) at the Brighton Essential Festival (with Bandulu, Spring Heel Jack, System 7, Eat Static, The Orb, DJ Evolution and DJ Michael Dog), which, for many, was the best tent on site, we went on to create a Megadog at the Womad Festival.

The Womad Festival was a roaring success, where the festival with the most open minded vibe met the most eclectic vibed club. Both stages were permanently crammed, with over five thousand people being turned away each night. The line-up of CJ Bolland, Eat Static, Hallucinogen, Spring; Heel .Jack, Headrillaz, Bandulu, Empirion, Terminalhead, The Secret, Salt Tank, Bio Com, Pigforce and Baby Fox got to play with bands like: Mad Professor, Max Pashm (Hebrew House) and Yulduz Usmanova (An Uzbekistan Disco Diva). DJ sets of notoriety included Michael Dog's. Dj Evolution's, Eamonn Dog's, Al Broomfield, Tasha Killer Pussies and Duncan Forbes (Spooky).

The Lizard Festival

Post Womad saw the Dog Squad embark on the creation of their own festival - namely The Lizard Festival. This was based at the Lizard, Cornwall. The festival harked back to the glory days of Stonehenge, The Elephant Fayre, Tramorgy, Glastonbury past and early Tribal Gatherings. The festival was for five thousand people, which was easily met. The festival. boasted one the most lavish site décor installations ever witnessed, from crash landed UFO's to sculptures,. From art to crafts.

The line up included Dreadzone, Ozric Tentacles, Mad Professor, Hallucinogen, Full Moon Scientist; Bandulu, Terminalhead, The Secret, Nitin Sawhney, as well as most of up and coming Cornish acts like The Is, Claus Bohlings Electrum and Zetan Spore. Storming DJ sets ensued from Michael Dog, Dj Evolution, the wonderful.. (if slightly tardy) Grooverider, Joel E (from the Jesus Jones sound system), and Eamonn Dog, as well as the Cornish talent the festival was resplendently bathed in sunshine and good atmosphere, a fun time was had by all, and the festival is destined to occur in '98. The festival is building up to 1999, where the site will be part of the small zone of totality for a full solar eclipse on the same weekend). (in layman's terms, there will. Be a festival of music whereby the attending hordes will be able to witness a solar eclipse first-hand)

Aprés-Lizard saw the dog-squad migrate to America, where we organised, booked, programmed and managed the largest dance tour to happen anywhere in the world the 'Big Top' tour comprised Of Moby, B.T., Eat Static, System 7, Banco De Gala, Headrillaz, 808 State, Empirion, Loop Guru, Medicine Drum and Twelve Trees. The tour DJ's included Michael Dog Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Joey Beltram, Grooverider and Eamonn Dog

The tour was a ground breaker, as no show of this depth, quality and diversity had ever been put on in America, and lesser shows had not gained as much interest

Tour high-jinx included 808 State's Darren P dedicating their last track to their late great friend Diana, as it was one of her favourites ('she used .to Hoover up at Kensington Palace to this one'); Loop Guru permanently being in their own orbit; The Crews dubious bar visits in every city; Empirion's fun and games on Biloxi beach; B.T. battling on with a weird swollen arms syndrome (his arms were double the girth, and he couldn't lower them, as he was fixed in a cross position in bed for 2 days); tour buses breaking down in the Arizona desert; a crash involving 4 cars and nearly 3 tour buses on a ten lane freeway outside New York; and many other occurrences too libelous and incriminating to mention. (the guilty are saved from guilt and retribution by the 'road code')

Although, Merv from Eat Static does deserve a special mention, having won the geezer award on the penultimate gig, for being rushed to hospital at midday in San Francisco with a kidney stone. Lots of painkillers and liquid later, out comes the largest kidney stone the surgeon had ever seen!! Does Merv recooperate on Planet Pethadine? No, he turns up at 10pm and still plays a blinding gig in front of six thousand people - spot on!

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