October 1998: WARNING!! THIS IS AN HISTORIC SITE! thePulse, iN2SouND and all you see in this Domain were an early creation in the history of the web. We have not touched it for over a year. Many pages have not been touched since 1995. We will probably leave these pages as they are for ever.. or at least until we have enough time to do something about them..


Music related sites
Last Updated: Friday, August 15, 1996 16:23:05

Artists & Groups iNTeRSouND only want to promote the very best music web sites. We're looking for people with the right attitude, who get together to create their own music and parties. We're looking for sites with good design, content and logic. Tell Dr Stuey about your favourites.
Clubs & Parties
Record Labels
Free Music
Turntable Masters & Radio Rebels

Artists & Groups

Egg-cellent site about the Scottish techno eggs-perimenter.
The Dance Music Resource Pages
Looking for a link for your favourite dance music artist? All the best ones are in this directory.
NEW!Future Sound of London Online
Ahead of its time in design, this cryptic store of FSOL sound, image and text, will give you hours of browsing.

reality's breaking down ...

The weekend is approaching, and it's going to be a big one. Dr Stuey wants to get these pages up there before he leaves for planet party. Some music sites have been lost in the rush of packing ... more explanation follows ...

HAYWIRE Home Page Haywire are the home of some great labels and zines (also listed) Highly recommended! Jockey Slut Magazine Emissions Audio Output
MC Projects Digital Hardcore Recordings tis Chicago Weirdness
Alien Home Page Musicians Net UK Dance
Children of Kaos
This is a refreshingly well laid out site and I just dig the graphics in the entrance foyer!

Clubs & Parties

This is a new club that started in Edinburgh, 6th May 1996.
... iN2SouND are looking for collective's who produce parties, indoors and outside, for themselves. Of course we only want to promote the very best web sites, with good design, content and logic. Tell Dr Stuey about your favourites ...

Record Labels

SABRETTES RECORDS Home Page ... where are the cool record labels on the web? Dr Stuey is determined to find out. Tell Dr Stuey the directions to help him on his quest. He's looking for the best web sites, with good design, content and logic, which probably means they've been developed by a young collective, who are just doing it for themselves ...

Free Music

... perhaps by the turn of the millenium, all music will be free and easy to obtain from the net. But already there are people experimenting and working towards this and iN2SouND are looking for them. Of course we only want to promote the very best web sites, with good design, content and logic. Unfortunately Dr Stuey hasn't downloaded the sound players yet, so he hasn't begun the trip. Tell Dr Stuey about your favourites, and give him some advice about sound players ...

Turntable Masters & Radio Rebels

... in this section we'll be exploring the best DJ and Radio Show web sites, but Dr Stuey hasn't begun the trip yet. However he is about to start on a html-collaboration for Phantom FM web site. Tell Dr Stuey about your favourites, but only if they have good design, content and logic.


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